Questions about Dianthus


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Questions about Dianthus

Last year I planted dianthus because they were blooming like mad at the nursery. Last year they were kind of anemic in terms of blooming, but since the greens never died back in the fall, I left them there all winter, and lo and behold, I had TONS of blooms this spring.

I had no idea this was a perennial.

Anyway, the first bloom is done, and I need to know where I should pinch back the dead blooms. Should I just remove the flower part, or remove the entire "bud" that the flower was in, or remove the entire stem?
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Don't you love dianthus!! You can cut off spent blooms and foliage to encourage continuous blooming and prevent seed formation. If you regularly cut flowers for bouquets, you are doing this already. Dianthus is great for bouquets because flowers can last as long as two weeks. Note: If you are wanting even greater spread next spring, cutting back will prevent seed formation. Perhaps not cutting back all of them will allow enough plants to form seeds so that your dianthus will continue to spread, if that is your desire.

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