Garden over septic drainfield??


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Garden over septic drainfield??

Is it a problem to have a garden in the soil above a septic drainfield? We didn't realize it at the time, but we put our new garden in right where the drainfield is. The garden is doing great, but I'm wodering if having the soil exposed will cause problems to the field? I am not worried about the garden itself, just the drainfield. It seems to me that I heard years ago that it was not advisable. Does anyone have personal experience with this? Thanks in advance for any help. Best of days, John
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Hi John,

You don't say what type of garden you have over the drainfield, but I suspect it's a veggie garden. Veggie gardens aren't recommended over a drainfield, primarily because of the frequent watering. Otherwise shallow rooted plants are best. Here's some helpful info about landscaping a drainfield.


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