growing bamboo question


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growing bamboo question

Hi, I've enjoyed this forum.

Quick question, I planted 3 Fargesia nitida clumping bamboo in part shade, zone 7, from 5 gallon containers into a hole backfilled w/ 50% leaf-grow (high-hummus) compost.

I want the bamboo to grow as fast as possible. It has sent up a few shoots but the new shoots stopped growing at the old height of the plant (~2ft tall). I've been keeping the soil moist w/ watering every 3-4 days, but there was a stretch a week ago were we had over 10" of rain over a week period.

Can I use some fertilizer of some sort, and what watering schedule? I don't see any new shoots at the moment.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Phattspatt,

You don't say which variety of Fargesia nitida you planted so I can't say how tall it should grow, but it sounds like you have given them the correct siting. Not sure what you are expecting to see, but plants need time to establish their roots. It sounds like new shoots have appeared. Over-fertilizing can burn your plants and cause unstable growth. It might also cause it to bloom prematurely and then it would die. Here's some info on growing this species. You can see from this first site that it takes some time to mature to a specific height. It's growth slows down in hot weather, which could be what you are seeing.

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Whenever I transplant bamboo it's usually the second or third year before it really starts growing taller and larger diameter. There may be new shoots the first year or so, but they don't get too big. Bamboo rizomes come up from the roots so the plant is very dependant on a good strong root structure for new growth.

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