Tomato plants: yellow leaves [picture]


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Tomato plants: yellow leaves [picture]

I am a first time tomato plant grower. I have them in pots, the soil is part `topsoil' from home depot (not good looking soil), some non-descript reddish soil from around the house and a bit of processed cow manure. I think I do an OK job of keeping them well watered.

Why are there yellow leaves on the bottom of the plant. And even the green is not deep green. I think the plant is telling me it is not happy. Any ideas? Note the green of the pepper plant adjacent to it. The flash from the camera makes the picture look a little weird but you can see the colors clearly.
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Hi Dvarga,

It looks like salt damage to me. Are you using a synthetic fertilizer on a regular basis?

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Looks like chlorosis. Probably from overwatering. You can't use topsoil and clay in a container. You need a well-draining potting mix.
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It looks to be chlorosis. Try feeding the plant with a fertilizer for tomatoes. This may help the problem. Tomatoes benefit from steady watering.
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Yellow leaves on Tomato plants

I used miracle grow a very few times. I hope I am not over watering it. I will try for the tomatoe specific fertilizer. Thanks!

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