Flagstone and moss


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Flagstone and moss


You guys have helped me on plenty of things, so I know where to go for this one.

We installed flagstone and intitially used sand to fill in between the stone (like grout). The sand washes away rather easily. So I want to fill in top soil in place of sand and get some low maintenance hardy ground cover to grow their. The falgstone area is more decorative then an actual walking area.

This area (about 80 sq. ft.) is in mostly full sun and we live in south Florida. I've been reading and it seems that Moss is more for shady areas. Do you know of a Moss that tolerates full sun or have other suggestions for this application. My goal is to add a little low lying ground cover for looks and also control the wash out.

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I have wooly thyme growing between my flagstones. It handles full sun just fine, but I also live much further north than you (Montana). It has spread pretty fast and doesn't mind the occasional foot traffic.
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Hi Treble,

I agree with Jeebs that the creeping thymes are great for full sun and stepable. Wooly thyme is only one of them. They aren't invasive and are easily controlled. You'll need to know your hardiness zone as not all stepable groundcovers can take the heat. Wooly thyme should be ok to zone 10. Here's a couple of sites that have ideas.

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If you want moss, transplant local moss, found thriving in a similar setting. If you can't find any, then forget it.

Moss application: Blend moss with yogurt. Paint with this. The yogurt keeps the spores in place, and provides an initial growth medium.

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