Avocado Tree watering


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Avocado Tree watering

I have an avacado tree in my back yard whaich has been getting water from my sprinklers. however, i am reconfiguring my yard and there will be no sprinkler for the tree.

How much if any regular watering does the avacado need?
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Avocados don't need a lot of water. They are indigenous to some rather arid parts of the hemisphere. One recommendation is to check the soil down 9 inches to see if if will stay in a ball once squeezed. Water only if the ball falls apart.
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Watering trees from sprinklers is not recommended. The water is usually applied too often and not deep enough. Here's some helpful info.

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A deep watering of lawn by sprinklers once a week is recommended. Most lawns need a minimum of 1" water/week, depending on soil type. Avocado tree should be watered deeply and only when needed. Avocado trees need loose soil that water passes through quickly. Overwatering of avocado tends to cause root fungus and rot. Underwatering tends to cause yellowing and dropping of leaves.
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Thanks for the help guys!

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