Plant life after digging up?


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Plant life after digging up?

I dug up a few day lilies for transplantation. How long can they stay alive out of the ground. I have kept them wet and in small trash cans.

Should I keep them in the sun or shade?
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If they are just sitting in a bucket of water I wouldn't leave them that way for more then a few hours. Maybe you can just put them all in a pot and add moist potting soil until you can plant them. Another option would be to wrap the roots in wet newspaper and then wrap the newspaper in foil or plastic for a couple of days. When I ship plants I hydrate them in a bucket of water for a couple of hours and then wrap the roots with the wet newspaper or wet paper towels and then wrap that with foil or plastic wrap. They I wrap the entire plant with newspaper like the sleeves used in flower shops for carrying home your cut flowers. They ship well that way. Only wrap the roots. Best not to let them soak in a bucket of water for too long.

Keep them in the shade as the sun will only dry them more.


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