Avocado Tree, no avocados?


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Avocado Tree, no avocados?

My dad has an avocado tree. I think it's been a couple years. He has grown it from a seed. Though it is growing well, it does not bear fruit. I've read up on several articles that it is not likely you can have it bear fruit and even if so it will take up to 10 years or more. AND if it does, it is not likely it will taste like those from the store.

If there a proper way to care for an avocado tree so it will bear fruit and taste good?
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Avocado can take 10-15 years to produce fruit. Grafted varieties of planted trees can produce fruit a couple years after planting if established well and experiencing good growth. Success will be depend on soil, good drainage, and protection from frost. Taste tends to vary by variety.

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