Variegated Ginger?


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Variegated Ginger?

I have this plant under my front eve of the house and is does not seem to be growing up. Is leaves and braches have dropped a little and are growing outwards. how do I get the plant to grow up. I read it likes partial shade, maybe I haven't been watering it enough.
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There are different types of variegated ginger I believe. No pro but if you can go here:

and let us know which one it is? There's a lot of photos but if you page down all the way to Alpinia Vittata (it's in alphabetical order) you can start there and page down more until you find the one that's your plant.

Did you recently just plant this and/ long has it been there?

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I would think it would depend on which ginger you have. Ginger is know botanically as Zingiber. I didn't see any vareigated ginger at the Top Tropicals site. I did find 2 variegated gingers here. If you click on the picture for Zingiber zerumbet darceyi, second from the bottom, you will see some stems laying down in the picture.

It would be helpful to have the name of the ginger you have.


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