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Question Back yard Garden

I am hoping to start a back year vegtable garden, it will have shade most of the morning and evening, however it is in full sun during mid day. Currnetly I am starting to compost some leftover vegatables, clean shreaded paper, and coffee grounds.

I am hoping to plant next spring, any suggestion as to how to better prepair the soil there? Last week I could not get a shovel into the soil until the day after I soaked the area. I am currnetly turning a few shovel fulls per day about 1.5 to 2 shovels deep.
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Hi Shamantx,

You may find if you don't have 6 hours or more of direct sun that some of your veggies won't do well. You can do lasagna composting aka sheet composting over the winter or plant a cover crop.

Compost and soil info including green manure and a compost calculator.

Lasagna composting

How to garden organically.

Here's some sites on planning a veggie garden, cover crops and organic matter.

Supressing weeds

Veggie garden calendar - when to plant what

Veggie growing guides

When to harvest

I'm sure you will be reading for a while, but don't hesitate to ask more questions.

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A soil test will tell you what amendments need to be made to soil. Your local Cooperative Extension Service Agent can provide you with soil test info and plants that will do well with your light and soil conditions.

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