Knock out roses


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Knock out roses

I need help. I have some knock out roses and don't know exactly how to take care of them expecially in winter. I live in North Dakota and it gets really cold here. Is there a place online that gives a really good explanation about these or perhaps you gyes no everything about these by heart. Thanks.
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Hi Michaela,

I get them as hardy to zone 4 when I do a google search. North Dakota has hardiness zones 3 and 4. I would suggest that you don't prune until spring before new growth begins. I did a google with the term:
prune knockout rose
and found this site.

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IMHO, just let them alone. Often, we do more harm trying to be kind to our plants.

But, I'm in zone 5-6 where I've seen them with snow on the blooms (my own). Visit a local nursery or call a landscaper in your part of the country or call the local extension office. They will have the best answer for you. Don't go to a garden center of a big box for help.

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