Cutting back daylilies?


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Cutting back daylilies?

I have 5 daylilies in my backyard and in the past month or so they have become very droppy. Should I dead head them? I heard you should wait until spring to cut them back, but they really have long foiliage aND THEY LOOK BAD. tHE FLOWERS ARE STILL BLOOMING JUST THE GREEN LEAVES ARE DROPPY (Sorry I guess I hit CAPS).
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If the leaves are still green, leave them until they turn brown before cutting them back. Droopy or not, they still feed the plant.
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I'm no expert gardener but I have groups of iris, tiger lilies and daylilies around my house and along my 1/4 mile driveway. Mine usually quit blooming in the spring and I cut back the ones near the house shortly there after [and often again towards the end of summer] Those along the drive, I let grow wild. I have never noticed any difference between the ones cut and not, when they come back in the spring.
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It is recommended that bulb plant foliage be allowed to remain while still green. Although blooms are long gone, the foliage continues to photosynthesize and provide nourishment to the bulb for next season's blooms.

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