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Starting purple leafed honeysuckle vine in Dec or do I need to wait until the spring

Starting purple leafed honeysuckle vine in Dec or do I need to wait until the spring


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Starting purple leafed honeysuckle vine in Dec or do I need to wait until the spring

we put up all the lattice and now would like to start on our purple leafed honeysuckle vine. could this be started now or should we wait until the springtime?

also I just want to confirm that this isn't going to attract bugs, specifically wasps or bees,


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Honeysuckle is best set in the ground in the spring when danger of frost is past. If you already have existing honeysuckle, you can wait until spring to start. When new green leaves begin to show, you can take cuttings that have several sets of leaves and strip off lower leaves. You can dip stems in rooting hormone and place in potting soil. Or, you can place cuttings in water to root. Placing in water in a clear glass jar is easy. When you have a few good roots about an inch long, then you can plant in the garden. If you have kids, this makes for a good science experiment. If you are planning on purchasing honeysuckle in containers from the garden center, wait until spring.
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Hi Michael,

Great advice from Twelvepole. I agree that it's a bit late in the season to plant now in your location.

I'm thinking that your purple leaved honeysuckle is Lonicera japonica 'Purpurea' aka Purple-leaf Japanese honeysuckle. If that is what you intend to plant I would ask you to reconsider. It is listed as an invasive species in Virginia and many other states.

Here it blankets trees, choking out native species and killing plants that feed the wild life.

Here it completely covers a hillside, making it impossible for animals to walk through.

More info:

I had purchased one that was unlabeled and on sale in the fall. When I discovered what it was after it bloomed, I destroyed it. Please consider a variety of the native honeysuckle - Lonicera sempervirens. Most of them bloom on and off all spring and summer, unlike the Japanese honeysuckle. I grow Lonicera sempervirens 'Blanche Sandman' and it's still blooming in my Maryland garden now.

Lonicera sempervirens 'Alabama Crimson' is another variety of the native honeysuckle that is very nice too.


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