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i bought a few very large rounded mums from the farmers market and put them in clay pots to decorate for the Halloween holiday. Well, temps in Chicago are now below freezing, the plants are in my unheated garage, what can I do to be sure these plants come back next year. Should I put them in my basement? Do i need to supply them with sunlight and water? Theses are some really nice plants and really would like to save them.


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Hi John,

From this site:

"Most garden mums are not reliably hardy in most northern areas, so enjoy them this fall, but don't expect them to overwinter well.

Mums also work well as container plants to decorate patios, porches, and decks. Go easy on the water, however, to prevent root rot. Potted mums probably will not do well inside as lower light levels often result in yellowing leaves and droopy flowers."

If you want to keep them indoors for the winter they will need full sun and light watering. I would suggest you either put them in nursery pots and sink the pots into the ground for the winter with a 6" to 8" layer of mulch if you are in a zone colder then 6, or treat them as annuals and dispose of them.

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It is best to get mums in the soil in time for roots to become established before winter freeze. Even then, there is no guarantee that mums will make it through the winter despite mulching.
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On the subject of mums..

I just received a beautiful potted mum in full flower. It has been below freezing here in S.W. Oregon, so have kept it in the house. I would like to keep it alive & maybe plant it outside eventually. Any advice?
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Hi Tristansgranny,

I would say the same advice I gave to John. Enjoy your flowers.


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