Composting/Mulching Fir???


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Composting/Mulching Fir???

I recently lost a large fir tree to a wind storm; I have dismembered it and plan to use a chipper to break down the branches. Can the resulting chipped fir tree be used for mulch or compost?

Organic matter is organic matter, but are there elements in the sap/etc that would be detrimental to the growth of garden vegetables?

Curious, thanks......
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Hi Andersen,

Yes, you can use the chipped fir, but do let it age for about 6 months before adding to a veggie garden. You can mix it into your compost, but try to balance with an equal amount of greens. If you don't have enough greens you could use spent coffee grounds. Starbucks gives them away for free. Just call your local store and ask if they are bagged. I'd recommend bringing along a container to put the grounds in for transport in your vehicle. Sometimes you will have a coffee cup or two, but they are fairly easy to pick out if they aren't paper.

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If the raw wood is not composted or aged, it will bind most of the free nitrogen in the soil to the detriment of the plants. Otherwise, chipped wood is good mulch. I use it all the time, after composting it or aging it.

Hope this helps.

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