Storm damaged arborvitae


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Storm damaged arborvitae

We have 5 or 6 mature arborvitae in the backyard that took a serious beating in a fall ice storm. At the time, there was just too many other fires to put out and the trees weren't tended to. Now, as spring is around the corner, I'd like to help these plants as much as possible. What do I do? Should I cut off all the broken limbs? One of the trees is leaning quite far over. A neighbor said to top the tree and then stake it to get it going upright. Any advice? Thanks.
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do a proper pruning of the entire plant but do not top the plant.

it is never good to top a tree or shrub because the branches that grow back will not be as strong and you'll increase the chances of the same problem.

stake and use guides as needed to straighten them......
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You can prune your arborvitae. It will not be as pretty, and it will take 3-4 years for new growth to fill in. They may never regain their shape. Do not top arborvitae. This will not encourage lower branches to grow. Thinning arborvitae is best. Never cut past the green growth. Wrapping with burlap will do no good. Some fertilizer might stimulate growth.

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