Tree Roots


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Tree Roots

I have a beautiful willow tree I planted about 5 years ago and which is doing quite well. Only problem is a few of the roots are beginning to come up in the yard. I'm pretty good at deep watering this tree (hose at the base of the trunk for 5 to 10 minutes) about once a week while it's active. When I first planted the tree, I put about a 2 foot circle around the base where I've kept grass out. What could be causing the roots to come to the surface like this and what can I do to correct this behavior?

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Weeping willow roots can invade and plug sewer lines and drain tiles. Roots growing above ground can often interfere with lawn mowing and foot traffic. They need lots of space and do better on the edge of a stream or pond or in an area where roots can not interfere with foundation, drains, and other plantings. Roots are shallow and reach extensively in search of moisture and minerals. Anything planted beneath the willow tree will have to compete for moisture and nutrients. Depending on variety, a willow can reach 100' tall and roots many times beyond.
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Many trees develop roots at the surface normally. There is not much that you can do about nature. One solution is to expand the mulch bed around the tree to encompass the elarged zone of surface roots.
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Hi CougGuy,

Great advice so far. Here's some sites about tree root growth and how to mulch a tree to the dripline.


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