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I am planning to have a small vegetable garden, the first in quite a few years. I want to make my own fertilizer and pesticide. I used to have recipes using beer and other things found around the house. I saw some for lawns and was wondering if they would work for a vegetable garden.
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There are many good resources available on organic gardening. The internet has a wealth of info. You can also stop by your local library and bookstore to take a look at books.

One of the most important things is to begin with good soil. A yearly soil test will tell you what amendments need to be made to the soil. Mulching is also important. Learn to recycle and compost. Compost is the best fertilizer on earth.
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Hi Countrygirl,

Great advice from Twelvepole. Adding lots of compost to the soil is one of the best things you can do for your plants. It feeds the soil and the soil feeds the plants. You can make compost tea as a fertilizer and even use well decomposed manure.

You can plant flowers to encourage beneficial insects that will control the bad bugs.

Here's some helpful links, including how to make your own sprays from organic products. Do keep in mind that the more you spray the more chance you will kill beneficials and could set up a cycle of needing to spray.

Home made remedies:

Compost and mulch calculator:

Compost and more:

Companion planting:

Beneficial insects:

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I just to thank twelvepole and Newt for all the information. Better get busy and see what I can do.

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