When to move seeds outside??


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When to move seeds outside??

I have started a few sets of seeds inside (flowers & ornamental grass) Both have been growing for a few weeks are are 2-4" tall. When should I move them outside?

The last frost for my area is supposed to be around 4/23. I live outside of Baltimore, MD in Zone 7.

Thank you!!
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Cool seeds

What a coincidence...I just moved to PA from Dundalk, Md but I have no idea what you are talking about zone 7 means. Are you a politician? Just kiddin. I have some seeds too that I started on my back ktichen window sill and my mother told me before moving them outside you should take them out of the pots and lay them outside for a few days to harden up the stems before planting them. This is my first time planting stuff, so I had to ask, too. I hear after you are sure the last frost is gone is ok...
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A couple weeks before moving seedlings permanently outdoors, you gradually introduce them to their new environment. You can start by placing on a shady porch or under a shady tree or on the shady side of the house for a few hours and bring them in. Gradually increase their time outdoors and gradually move them closer and closer to the sun and reducing watering. They need to adjust to their new environment. Keep an eye on the weather and the temperature. If it's going to turn cold, bring them inside. The goal is to work them up to staying outdoors all day and all night. Then, in about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, they can be transplanted into the garden on a cloudy day.

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