Mounding mulch around trees?


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Smile Mounding mulch around trees?

I have notice a lot of people are MOUNDING the mulch around the tree trunks as much as 12-18 inches high, and wonder if this is good? Does it encourage insect damage, or rot of sorts? It looks good, some have dished out a basin of sort around the tree, but still the mulch is higher than the ground, but others have just piled it up against the trunk.

I did a search on this subject and didn't find this being discussed.

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Mulch mounds make me grin every time I see them. I always think of the Moundbuilders (1000 BC to about 1500 AD).

Mulch mounds not only look silly with the tree shooting out the top of the mound, mulch mounds are not 'good' for trees. When it rains the rain will run down the mound and away from thirsty roots. 12-18" of mulch is more than just excessive, it's ridiculous. The roots will never get a drink because all the moisture will be trapped in the mulch mound.

Rodents love to nest in mulch. 12-18" of mulch would be the ideal home for a family of pesky critters. Mulch mounds also create an environment for diseases.

A mulch 'well' works much more effectively, as it slopes toward the tree and allows the rain to run downhill toward the roots. The mulch should stop about an inch from the tree, in order to keep it off the bark. You don't need more than 2" of mulch around trees and plants in beds. 2" allows penetration of rain, minimizes weeds, and keeps roots cool in hot weather.
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Thanks for the good info.

I see it so often and wonder what they think it does. The neighborhood across the street, very nice homes that have the divided grass area trees mounded, and I don't recall this being the case last year.

I will keep my eye on it and see what happens.



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