Potting soil or garden soil?


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Potting soil or garden soil?

I am growing veg in raised beds and tomatoes in plant hangers but with the bottom cut to grow the tomatoes upside down. When looking for a bagged soil I game across Miracle gro and they have potting soil and garden soil but the garden soil says not to use in containers but doesn't explain why.
Other brands do the same thing. What is the difference? I looked at the ratio mix and the potting soil has a higher nitrogen content than the garden soil. I have heard if the nitrogen content i too high the tomatoes won't bear fruit. Is this true? Also since I growing the tomatoes in containers would'nt it make sense to use the lower nitrogen mix? In the end it seems like either would be fine. I assume they are just trying to get you to buy more product lines. Or am I wrong?

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Potting Soil is not really 'soil,' as it's a mix of non-organic and organic ingredients. Garden soil is 'soil' (sand, silt, clay) combined with organic material. Not all potting soils are created equal, as it depends on the mix. You will find peat moss, perlite, bark, and other ingredients. Potting Soil is a mix that contains no sand, silt, or clay. For good drainage, potting soil is preferred. It's also preferred for indoor plants because it has been sterilized and contains no micro organisms. Garden soil often tends to compact. Adding perlite and organic material as amendments can make for a better mix for outdoors. Too much nitrogen will create tall, very green, leafy tomato plants with little or no tomatoes.

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