Concord Grape Vine


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Concord Grape Vine

I have a Concord grape vine that is growing among wild plum trees, an apple tree, and lots of overgrowth (and poison ivy). I want to relocate it but don't know the best way to do it. Do I have to dig it up or can I cut from the vine and start a new vine? I am thinking about cutting down each tree it is clinging to and retraining it so it grows along a fenceline but that would be a lot of work althogh it wold allow me to harvest grapes this fall instead if waiting. Any and all ideas are welcome.

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If you are planning on getting this season's grapes, you may want to delay pruning. Too, you need to prune when dormant. Grapes grow on this season's growth from last season's new wood. Old, neglected vines should be pruned in stages. New plants can be grown from cuttings taken while plants are dormant. You may want to get some new plants going before thinking about transplanting the original plant just in case it doesn't survive. Grape plants can be moved successfully if you get enough root ball. You'd want to do this in early fall so roots can get established before winter. Pruning in stages and training the vine to grow along the fence sounds like a good option.

Here are a couple links to aid your pruning:

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