tulip popular tree w/carpenter ants....

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tulip popular tree w/carpenter ants....

I have a 50-60' tulip popular growing at the tree line in my back yard. It is approx. 20-24" in diameter and appears to be very healthy. however, it has a carpenter any colony in the main trunk of the tree. They are entering at a small split approx. 10' off the ground and the area around the tree is covered with saw dust.

I'm worried about this tree as it is approx. 20' from my house.

My guess is the interior of the tree is partially hollow. unfortunately, I think i'm going to have to have the tree cut down.. anyone have any advice? will the ants eventually kill the tree?
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Before removing such a large tree, consider having an arborist evaluate the tree for viability. If he decides that the tree is safe to keep, have a pest control company treat the tree and any parent nest to end the infestation.

Most large tree companies employ arborists.

Hope this helps.
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Carpenter ants tend to nest in rotting and decaying wood. If you do not know how to evaluate the health of your tree, then an arborist should be able to help you. Carpenter ants like moisture, and a decaying, decomposing tree would provide that environment.

Carpenter ants have many satellite colonies. The main colony may be in the tree or elsewhere. Be ever vigilant that your house will be next. Address all moisture issues around your home.

Usually no control is required for trees. Trees have a finite life span anyway. The ants simply live in the environments nature provides them. The tree already had the declining conditions that attracted the ants. Your major concern is to keep ants out of your home.

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