help my fig tree


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help my fig tree

i planted a fig tree this spring, and it was doing real well until last week. I live in Houston, and it's been a real wet spring. The tree was doing real well and has grown a significant amount since I planted it and even has a handful of figs growing, but suddenly all the leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Did i do something? Did I not do something? Please help. Thanks.
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Too wet or too dry can cause fig leaves to yellow and drop. Did you soak root ball before planting? Potting soil once it dries out tends to repel water. Lift tree out of ground and examine roots. Root ball could be dry.

You could also have collar rot if you planted the root ball too deep. If this is the case, you will see decay at the base of the stem. If base of stem is soft and you can rub off the bark, you have collar rot. Scratch soil back from base of stem and examine for decay.

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