Leaves roling up/curling


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Cool Leaves roling up/curling

bI have a 6" plant growing in a 4" wide, 6" high ceramic container. The plant has just all green leaves but now all the leaves are rolling unto themselves/curling. Any ideas why is this happening? by the way I used miraco grow liquid all purpose plant food 12-4-8. Higher concentration is of nitrogen is good for this plant-non flowering. could this be the reason?

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What plant? Crowded roots? Drainage issues? 4x6 container is very small. If you were a little plant, you'd likely want to curl up too.
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The other ones are fine in the same size pot. I used miracle gro seed starting soil and then mixed it with alittle bit of compost dirt. what plant undecided!
BY the way coffee ground on compost ok?

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