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Leaves turning yellow (Rose, Lilac, Hydrangia)

Leaves turning yellow (Rose, Lilac, Hydrangia)


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Leaves turning yellow (Rose, Lilac, Hydrangia)


We just moved into a house in Portland, Or. There wasn't much in the yard when we moved in. We just planted an "America" rose bush about 3 weeks ago in a spot that gets a lot of shade and some dappled sun. It bloomed this week for the first time, which was exciting ... but now we've noticed the lower leaves are turning yellow and brown.

We've also noticed the same thing happening with a California lilac and the lower leaves of our Hydrangia are turning a greyish color and curling a little. It seems like it's probably all related.

We've been watering it frequently (daily), using Miracle Gro about once a week. We've had a dry spell so thought it best to water frequently.

Anyone have thoughts on what could be causing the lower leaves to die? A soil deficiency or too much water or ...?

Thank you!!
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Yellowing of lower leaves and leaf drop is a symptom of overwatering. Your lawn and your landscape plants need at least one inch of water per week to survive. You do not want to water more than once a week. You want to water deep. If you are watering deep every day, then you are water logging the roots. Roots need moisture and nutrients, but they also need oxygen. If you water log your roots, they can not operate like Mother Nature intended and you are killing your plants. Back off on the water. Do not water unless when you stick your finger in the soil and soil is dry and you feel no moisture it is time to water. Water early in the day, and water deep. Soaker hoses do a good job of watering slowly and deeply.

So, you planted a rose that gets "a lot of shade and some dappled sun." That's a recipe for disaster. Roses need full sun and lots of water, at least an inch a week. Water deep so roots will grow long and strong in search of moisture and nutrients.

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