What are the spots?


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What are the spots?

I planted up a bare root saturn peach tree this spring, and now have noticed some red spots at the base of the leaves and on the new branch growth. Any thoughts on what it is. It might be bacterial spot, but from the photos i've seen doesn't fit exactly.


Thanks for looking
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Were apples or pears planted in this area before? Often, if so, red spots are a result of arsenic toxicity in soil? If you have done copper sprays, they can produce red spots. If in doubt, pluck a branch and take to your local Cooperative Extension Agent. They will send it off to the state lab for a free diagnosis and control method. You will learn that your local Coop Extension Agent will become your best friend if you are a gardener. If growing peaches, your Ext. Agent can provide you with pruning and spraying program info an info on how to achieve productive crops. I simply can't brag enough about my Ext. Agents everywhere I've lived.

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thanks for the tips twelve.
I haven't done a copper spray. I've heard you have to wait till dormancy, but will start one with Kocide this fall. This tree is potted up with fresh soil so I don't think that's it. I'll get in contact with my extension office.


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