Broken tree branch


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Broken tree branch

We live in zone 2 in the north west of British Columbia and our last winter was very harsh with lots of heavy wet snow. A main branch on a blue spruce was weighed down and broke. We noticed it in spring and tied it up. It is not dead, it has new growth but want to know if there is something else we should be doing?
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Obviously the tree branch was not completely severed if there is growth. If bark was badly torn and there is an open wound, it leaves the tree open for infection and fungal decay that can lead to problems several years from now. If fungus enters the heartwood of the tree, tree will decay in the center and the tree will begin to decline.

Is it possible to remove the branch without harming the structural integrity of the tree? Is this the crown of the main trunk or just a branch? If branch can be removed, saw off and leave a clean wound to heal.

If split has occurred in trunk, long metal bolts can be used to mend the tree. Do not tie, wire, or clamp, as this can lead to girdling the tree. If tree is a prize specimen in your landscape, you might want to call an arborist.

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