What's the best way to preserve Basil?


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What's the best way to preserve Basil?

Hi all,

My basil is doing really well this year, but there is way more than I can use right now. What is the best way to preserve it? I'm going to be away for a while, and I don't want it to flower and spoil.

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You can share excess basil with friends and family. You can also dry or freeze it. Freezing will preserve the fresh taste. If freezing, wash well and dry. Pull off leaves. You can puree 2 cups with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Cover tray or cookie sheet with wax paper. Drop by tablespoon onto paper and freeze until firm. Drop the frozen blobs into a freezer bag and store for two months. Drop into soups and sauces when almost through cooking.

Or, you can freeze the leaves whole for up to a year. Blanch for two seconds in boiling water, drain, rinse immediately with cold water. Pat dry and store in freezer container, separating layers with plastic wrap. Use in cooking like fresh basil leaves. Use a little less than recipes call for because leaves are compacted.

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