Tomato Plants


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Tomato Plants

I am having trouble with my one tomato plant turning yellow. The leaves are not very green leading me to believe it is not healthy. Suggestions?
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I just had some turn yellow on the lower branches and realized it needed a little help standing up. I ran some twine up the main branch to hold it and that has helped.

They really aren't that strong of plants and need alot of support.

Good luck.
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Try giving it a little Miracle Grow. I find it always seems to help my plants.
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Alternaria leaf spot (early blight) causing yellow of tomato leaves and leaf drop. This usually occurs during periods of high rain or if overwatering. Planting tomatoes in raised beds will improve drainage. Make sure plants are planted far enough apart so there is good air circulation so leaves will dry off and potential for disease is minimized. Following a spray program with daconil once fruit is set, spraying every week or two during growing season until harvest is also helpful.
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Had someone else advise what twelvepole said, and thats the try to keep the leaves dry.

I plan to try a soaker hose or milk jug with a hold in the bottom to water them without getting the leaves wet.

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