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Can I cut this in the middle, growing too close to house

Can I cut this in the middle, growing too close to house


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Can I cut this in the middle, growing too close to house


About 8 years ago, my dad planted this tropical tree / plant on the side of my house. He was always a green thumb, and knowledgeable about plants, etc. but we never realized how tall it would get.

I've been ignoring this for some time now, but want to know if I can trim this tree from, let's say the middle. Will it continue to grow back from the bottom? Or will I have to replant the top section for it to continue to grow.

I'd hate to kill this tree, because it has sentimental value for me.

Does anyone know? I tried to embed the image, but couldn't get it to work.
Please see the links below for the images of the tree.



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Planting trees without consideration for size at maturity is often done by homeowners. Palm trees should not be topped or pruned. It is not likely that if you cut off the top of the tree and tried rooting it that you would have success. Palms are propagated primarily by seeds and off shoots. Why not move the tree to where it better befits the landscape?
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Hi Larry,

Your plant looks like a yucca, but I'm not sure what variety, and there are many.

I would suggest you ask these folks at the UBC Botanical Garden if they can help you id it. Try and get a close up of the leaves and let them know where this plant is growing. You might title your post something like:
Is this a yucca in my garden?
Scroll down and post it on 'Plant Identification'.

I'd love to know what they tell you.

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