arborvitae trimming and care

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arborvitae trimming and care

I have 3 or four arborvitae trees.

2 I just bought that are very dry and a bit brown. What should I do with them in terms of care? Water, but what else, trim the brown, any specific food?

2 bigger emarald greens. 1 is great, the other isn't as thick with a few brown spots. Water and what else?

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The 2 you JUST bought are dry and a bit brown? Did you plant them already or are they in the container still?

Definitely water well and mulch.

Transplanting shouldn't be done in the summer time. It might be too hot!
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When buying plants, it is important to buy healthy plants. If transplanting, it should be done at the recommended time of year and as soon as possible.

Arborvitae prefer moist, well-drained soil. If arborvitae is pot bound and/or roots suffer from drought, tips will turn brown. With watering, plants may recover.

Pruning of arborvitae is best done in fall or early winter. Summer pruning can result in brown tips. Winter protection is often done in cold climates to prevent snow and ice from breaking branches. A green net available at garden centers can be used to wrap the shrubs and still allow light and ventilation within the shrub. Be ever vigilant for mites and bag worms on arborvitae and use recommended insecticide by your local Cooperative Extension Agent.

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