Roses in need of emergency care -Help!


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Unhappy Roses in need of emergency care -Help!

Hi -
All spring and summer I have been fighting black spot and powdery mildew on my roses. Initially, they were fine in March-May...then the trouble started. I have sprayed every 10 days with fungicide for Blackspot , removed infected canes and leaves, and been careful to water only at ground level, but my poor roses ( 4 out of 5 plants) look like skeletons, with very few leaves, and few flowers. Should I cut them back? Leave them alone and let Mother Nature work? Dig them up?

I live in NC, and we've had either scorching heat with high humidity, or drenching downpours, so there is always moisture around....

I'm so discouraged - they looked so nice earlier this year!

Any advice appreciated!

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You may find that the roses will send out new foliage as the rainy season passes. Watering beneath roses and preventing water from splashing on leaves is important, but when it rains you are fighting a losing cause. That is unless you begin a fungicide prevention program before plants become diseased. Start in the summer just before leaves become spotted and continue until frost. During rapid growth periods and rainy weather, you may have to spray fungicide twice a week. When growth slows down and rain becomes infrequent, you can cut back to spraying every 7-10 days. Remember timing is important as well as using the proper chemical.

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