Plants That Naturally Repel Bugs


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Plants That Naturally Repel Bugs

Just bought an old wooded property - many oaks, sweetgum and beech trees. Am trying to clear ground of natural debris to start landscaping. Debris is about 2 feet deep in some parts of yard and I am coming across way more insects, spiders, centipedes, snakes etc... than I am comfortable with!

To help prevent these insects return after I get the yard cleared .... are there any plants that I can include in the garden that naturally repel bugs? Or at least attract the types of birds that would gladly eat the insects?

In particular ... any plants that might repel spiders (if such plants exist)?

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While there are recommended companion plants that repel bugs from plants in the garden, there are no plants available that will completely eradicate bugs and snakes from the landscape. Homes located on wooded lots are particularly challenged by all the bugs and wildlife which naturally live in the woods. Keeping area free of debris, trimming overhanging branches and removal of branches from trees to allow more sunlight and ventilation in the area will improve the landscape. A regular perimeter residual insecticide spray along the foundation and upon sides of home will tend to keep most insects away from structure. Sealing all gaps and entries where bugs may enter the structure is important, particularly around doors and windows and where pipes and wires enter the home. There are insecticides available for the landscape that will keep most bugs and their larvae at bay. There are snake repellents available. There are also insect repellents containing DEET for people to wear when in buggy areas.

Many bugs, animals, and reptiles feed on others as part of the food chain. To completely eliminate the yard of its natural inhabitants is next to impossible. If you feel that insects, animals, and reptiles are out of balance in your landscape, keeping the landscape clear, using biological or chemical controls, and traps can be helpful. Remember that a home built in the natural habitat of wildlife has upset their habitat.

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