Lemon Tree leaves turning yellow


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Lemon Tree leaves turning yellow

My lemon tree is growing well. It gets full sun and 2 deep waterings a week. However the leaves on the tree are small and yellowing with visible veins. I noticed some white fly on the leaves as well. I will spray for the white fly. What do you think i should o about the leaves. The tree is producing fruit and like i said is growing well.

Is there a posible nitrogen deficiency. I went and picked up some citris fert. but have not aplied it yet.

Thanks in advance.
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Anyone have any ideas.
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Since there hasn't been a response yet...

How old is the tree?

The only thing I can think of is too much watering. Yellow leaves can be caused by this. One way to check before watering is not to check the top of the soil. Check at the roots. The top may be dry, but the roots may be moist, so you may not need to water it.

Do you or did you fertilize it? If the tips of the leaves are yellow it can be caused by overfertilizing.
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Visible veins is an indication of iron deficiency in lemon trees. Soil is not acidic enough to allow plant to absorb iron. Use chelated iron fertilizer. Read and follow label directions.

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