Freezing Roma Tomatos


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Question Freezing Roma Tomatos

I'm growing roma tomatoes for use in sauce. I have harvested some but, I don't have enough ripe one's yet. Can I freeze the whole tomatoe and use later for sauce, or should I puree the ripe one's and then freeze. Thnaks.

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If I remember correctly when I asked my mother about it she said they will turn to mush when you thaw them out if you freeze them whole.

I always can them with mason jars and a pressure cooker. They'll last a few years this way.
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If you Google for 'freezing tomatoes,' you will find lots of links for how to do so. There is some variation among instructions. Some skinned tomatoes, and others left skins on. Some recommended cutting up and sqeezing out juice and seeds, while others instructed to freeze whole.

I am from the old school of canning tomatoes, so I can not attest to any change of flavor or texture if tomatoes are frozen. A fan of green fried tomatoes, a local restaurant which serves them year round buys them frozen from a frozen food supplier. They definitely tasted like green fried tomatoes, but were softer than a freshly sliced green fried tomato.

I recall a past post about freezing green tomatoes. The recommendation was to freeze on cookie sheets and layer in freezer container with wax paper between layers.

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