Trees die in one area of the Lawn


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Question Trees die in one area of the Lawn

I have had my third tree die in the back yard. The last one was a Jacaranda. It did well for about 3 months then all the leaves turned brown and it died. Other trees grow a few feet away, but not where this one is.

We are in the Phoenix Arizona area (Surprise), it's a very hot summer. The monsoon began and the tree died. I've had a Shamel Ash and some other tree in about the same spot - within a couple feet or so. All the healthy trees are 15 feet or more away.

The house is 5 years old and so is the lawn.

What's going on

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I'm dealing with a similar problem. I've narrowed it down to Phytophthora Root Rot . I too live in a hot climate, and have found that after installing a drip system the warm moist soil conditions cause the existing fungus to become active. I don't like the idea of using a bunch of fungicides in my yard, so I'm going to try and replace the dead plants with root rot resistant plants.
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Reply to Trees die in some areas

Hi Josh.
I see Quote, Multiple Quote, and Reply to Thread. I' don't know which is which, so I'm using Reply! Can you help me with that???

About my tree. Thanks for your reply. I thouhgt the problem might be cause by something the builders buried in that area of the yard.

However, I rained recently, and I have the watering schedule high and that area of the yeard is low and water puddles up there for a couple days at a time. You are probably right.

I pulled up the tree. The dirt is black. The roots smell clean. Nothing foul there.

If it is a fungus, what kind of fungicides do you suggest, if any? Maybe I should just avoid planting in that area. It would cost too much to bring in several yards of dirt and build up the elevation, then replant the grass.

thanks hurle
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Poor soil, compacted soil, infected soil, standing water, and other reasons could cause death of trees in a particular area. Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service Agent to get a soil test done. Take some of the roots and a branch from the dead tree to the Agent for diagnosis and recommendations.

Proper preparation of the soil is important when planting trees, as is selecting a tree that will do well in your growing zone. Planting native trees is often recommended. For tree planting info:

Jacarunda is resistant to most pests and diseases, but mushroom root rot can be a problem in poorly drained soil. My guess is that it likely succumbed to too much water and the monsoon. It is a fairly drought resistant and tolerates sandy, loamy, and clay soils as well as slightly alkaline and acid soils. A soil test will reveal what type of soil you have as well as its pH level and tell you what amendments need to be made before planting a tree in that area.

Plant root rot resistant species in areas where there are drainage problems. Always purchase disease free species from reliable nursery.
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Trees die in one area of the Lawn


I'm convinced it got too much water. Thanks for your feedback and references.


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