Drip Irrigation


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Drip Irrigation

I am setting up a drip irrigation system for my garden. Not sure what size emetters to use. Can someone give any advice for a newbe? Is there a chart that tells water needed for specific vegetables?

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The Cooperative Extension Service answers your questions re: drip irrigation set up and emitters here: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/garden/04702.html

You want to water deep to encourage strong roots and healthy plants. Place plants that have similar water needs together. Check soil for moisture before irrigating. If the top 2-4 inches is dry to touch, then it's time to irrigate. Using mulch will help conserve moisture.

Different vegetables have different water needs, and different sizes of the same vegetable have different water needs. Seedlings need a light watering every day or two. Water needs to reach down to the roots of plants. Mature plants can get by with a deep weekly watering, usually about 1" of water. Deep watering encourages deep, strong roots and healthy plants. Avoid overwatering.

For more watering info: http://web.extension.uiuc.edu/state/newsdetail.cfm?NewsID=6723

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