adding soil - want to keep landscaping


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adding soil - want to keep landscaping

There is some problems with the grade around the house. The soil around the house has sunk and is about 6-10 inches below where the brick meets the foundation wall (east side). The neighbors house was the same way, but he just got about 9 inches(at house) of soil put down, sloping towards my house. I need to put some dirt along the house so the water runs down the middle of the space between the houses and doesn't puddle up against my house in the spring. Now, I want to save the vegetation. (Although from looking online, the plants seem to be considered weeds by some people) There are some bushes with bases about 2 feet away from the house. The bushes are very durable. Under the bushes there is English ivy growing on the ground. There seems to be a thick netting of vines from it about an inch above the soil. There is an area with ground elder, and another area with four-o-clocks. I want to keep everything the way it is. I know it might take a little while to recover. I live in Southeast Michigan. Overall, I want to put down about 6-8 inches of soil against the house, sloping away, within the next year or two. Iím thinking it might be better if I just did it a section at a time(like every other 10 feet) to not destroy anything completely. I have saved some of the seeds from the four o'clocks so i can replant them. How do I keep from wrecking the English ivy or the Ground elder?

Here are some pictures off the web if you want to see what the plants look like.

The ground elder
The four o'clocks
The english ivy
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Carefully dig up the plants you want to save and replant them after you change the grade. Not sure what that will mean for the ivy.

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