Avacado Tree


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Avacado Tree

I live is S.W. Florida and purchased an avacado tree the spring of 2006. At the time it was 6 feet and in blossom. Now it is 12 feet and very spindly. I am afraid it will break off in the wind. Is it possible to "top" the tree as I did other fruit trees in the North?
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Do not top trees! There are a few tricks to pruning avocadas. Fruit is borne on ends of branches. To reduce the height of an avocado, it must be done in stages.

"Avocados bear fruit at the terminal end of twigs, so if you trim all of the outside of a tree, you will cut much of the fruit wood off the tree for the coming year. This is probably why your neighbor has suggested not to prune the tree. A light pruning here and there is OK, but remember when you cut off terminal twigs, you are also removing potential fruit. Therefore, if heavy pruning is needed, I suggest you remove one major branch at a time. To reduce the height of a tree, cut out the tallest branch one year, the next tallest branch the following year, and so on until the tree is down to the height you want it to be.The process may take three to four years. By reducing the height over several years, the tree is put under less stress, and fruit production is not drastically reduced. Pruning the sides of the tree should be done in the same way. Prune off the worst (longest) side branch one year, then the next branch in the second year, etc."


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