Grass clippings for Compost - Pollution


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Grass clippings for Compost - Pollution

I intend to compost grass clippings and use them in the vegie garden.

The problem is this - I have a 2-Stroke Victa Mower.
Victa 2-Stroke mowers are designed so the muffler pumps smoke under the mower, rather than out into the air. This reduces the visible smoke, however, the 2-stroke smoke then comes into contact with the grass which is being picked up, and it is pumped onto the soil.

I was wondering if anyone can suggest whether the amount of smoke involved would pollute the compost and veggie garden or the soil in the garden.
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Don't do it.
1 Grass clippings often contain chemicals harmful to growing garden plants.
2 It's better for your lawn to leave them on the grass anyway.
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A mulching mower usually solves the problems with clippings.

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