Camelia still NOT blooming

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Camelia still NOT blooming

There is a wonderful Camelia bush which is about 25 years old. Its height is about 7 feet and about 5 feets in width.

This Spring, however the Camelia still not come to bloom, although there are many, many flower-buds all over the Camelia. Also, I noticed there are some leaves carrying 'brown spots' that I never saw in the past years.

My concern is;
(1) Why the Camelia does not start to bloom? Only, many, many flower-buds all over. I live in the East Coast and the weather is fairly getting warm.

(2) Also, do I need to concern re: 'brown spots' some leaves of Camelia-brush I've been seen? Those brown spots are very noticeable on the top part of the Camelia bush.

(3) What form of nutrients should I get for the Camelia-bush?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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The most common reason that most camillias do not bloom is that they are not getting enough sun. Morning sun is best. Most prefer some shade in afternoon. Most camillia varieties can suffer from leaf and bud scald if there if too much sun. Leaf spotting fungi usually follows.

Selecting pruning out branches of trees to allow more sun can be helpful. Too much nitrogen fertilizer can prevent blooms. Avoid lawn fertilizer in area of camillias. Fertilize in spring in March and May with camillia-azalea fertilizer. In September apply nitrogen free fertilizer like 0-14-14. Keep mulched. Apply new mulch each fall. Camillias are drought tolerant and can not tolerate wet feet in standing water or overwatering. Late spring cold snaps and freezing rain can take a toll on buds and prevent blooming.

Camillia pests include aphids, leaf eating beetles, and tea scale. A spring spray before buds open, and a fall spray at the end of the blooming season with a paraffin based wax spray will smother pests that can disfigure camillias beautiful foliage.

For more info on camillia problems:

You can also collect some damaged leaves and unopened buds to your local Cooperative Extension Agent for identification of pests and diseases. Some photos of the camillias and their surrounding area and some notes about growing conditions would also be helpful. If the Agent does not have the answers, he can send the samples and documentation off to the lab.

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