Retractable shade/bird protection?


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Question Retractable shade/bird protection?

Hi all,

I"m looking to build some shade (really, protection from birds) for my raspberries which are located along a wood fence. I'd like to keep it as reasonable (cost) as possible.

What I was thinking of doing was getting some screen door screening and then attaching it to some kind of retractable roller which in turn would attach to the fence. The leading edge/end could have a round stick at the end (to weigh it down) or perhaps attach to some small poles or something a few feet away from the fence/raspberries. That part isn't much of a concern right now.

What I'm wondering is, does anyone know what I might be able to use as far as the 'retractable' roller part is concerned (that I could attach the screen to)? Something that is spring loaded I would think. Any ideas or links to such products would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe I can help?

Do you mean like a roller shade on a window?
They make many different sizes i'm sure...
Try going to a big box store that sells cheap quality roller shades. Rip the old shade off, and attach your screen like material using hot glue or some kind of strong adhesive that will withstand the elements, and being pressed upon when rolled up. I hope this helped. If not, goodluck.

Have a goodnight.
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You can buy "shade cloth" from garden suppliers. Also "bird netting". Etc.

I think fixing it in place will be easier. Select an appropriate density of cloth/net for screening all season.

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