What killing my Bushes


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What killing my Bushes

I have Emerald Beauty Arborvitae,Thuja Emerald Arborvitae or other everygreen bushes like them. Some are 10-15 years old.they are planted in different parts of my property.Here is a web site to look at the brushes-----http://bob1929.myphotoalbum.com/.This started last year.Any idea what it is.


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I didn't see any bag worms in your pictures, but bag worms love arborvitae and cause the type of damage you show.
Spraying should help if they are not too far gone.

I gave up on arborvitae here because the deer ate them bare.
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There are several possibilities for arbor vitae to turn brown. Arborvitae Leaf Miner will begin at tip of shoots and cause leaves to turn yellow or brown. Prune off dead foliage. Apply insecticide May through mid August. Spider mites usually infest oldest leaves on interior of arborvitae. Hold branches over a piece of paper and tap to see if dust-like specks fall out and move around. If you see mites, spray with horticultural oil or insecticide soap. Note: Horticultural spray applied in late fall helps control most overwintering insect pests.

Some other problems may be last summer's and fall's drought followed by winter winds and severe cold. Extension Service and arborists are finding an increase in complaints about evergreens turning brown following last summer's drought. Exposure to deicing salts can cause arborvitae to turn brown or die.

Bagworms can be a problem, but none were seen in photos. Scale, aphids, and weevils can be problems. Cedar bark beetles can girdle bark and cause death. Carpenter ants can attack heartwood. Fungi can be problematic. Snow blight fungus can also be a problem.





Further inspection of arborvitae and assessment of growing conditions the past year may provide clues. If in doubt, an arborist's consultation will likely be enlightening.
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Arborvitae is a cypress so these canker diseases will also effect them. Take a look at these pics too.


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