mulching/weed cloth in garden ?


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mulching/weed cloth in garden ?

this will be my 3rd year gardening... garden is 8' x 25'... mostly Tomato, Broccoli, Peppers, corn, eggplant, stringbeans... last year i covered garden with what looks like a fiberglass weed cloth, and cut holes for my plants, then cover with was successful, but just felt like the weed cloth was a bad idea... does anyone have any thoughts/advise ?
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If garden was successful, why do you feel that landscaping cloth was a bad idea. It allows moisture to pass through and prevents weeds.
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I like to use newspaper under the mulch. It also prevent weeds but decomposes close to the time the garden is done. No problem to plow or till it under and start fresh the next year.
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I find that using landscape cloth or a weed block in a veggie garden can be problematic because you can't incorporate organics into the soil after you finish growing for the year. I agree with Mark that putting down several DAMP layers of newspaper and covering with a thin layer of mulch or dried grass clippings (where no herbicides or pesticides were used) works well as a weed block. The newspaper will decompose over time and can be incorporated back into the soil.

You might be interested in lasagna composting for the winter.


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