rhododendron problems


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rhododendron problems

a good friend is have problems w/ her rhododendron(s) was wondering about best time for pruning, and light and soil requirements. we are in west michigan. one of the specimens is approx 3 yrs old and is maybe 16 to 24 inches tall at best, the other has reached between 2 and 3 ft. in height but both are very lack-luster in blooming. knowing that the plant thrives w/acidic soil, are there any other plants/etc that should not be near the rhododendron? thanks to all.
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Hi Handigrguy,

You don't say what the names of these rhodos are, so their height may be due to their variety. Pruning won't make them bloom more, but sun, soil enriched with organic material and proper pinching after bloom will help. Here's info on how to grow rhodos with good pics on pruning and pinching.


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