Help w/bulbs


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Help w/bulbs

I have a ton of random bulbs around my yard that were planted before I moved in... some bloomed this year, some didn't.. most are in locations where I'd like to move them.

I have a lot of Daffodils, some tulips, iris', and hyacinths. I'd like to get them moved to new locations for next year. What is the best way to do this??

I know I need to let them recover after blooming... when can/should I pull them out? Should I immediately re-plant them or do I need to let them "rest" until next spring before planting?

Thank you for the advice..

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I like to dig them when they still have leaves so I can find them. I wait until the leaves have yellowed as the green leaves feed the bulbs for next years bloom. Have your new beds ready before you dig and add lots of compost mixed into the soil. You won't need to fertilize as the bulbs will be going dormant for the summer. It's best to plant them in the ground. They will be best there while they are dormant. They will start to grow their roots in the fall.

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I'm sure Newt's advice is best but I have a lot of iris's and daylilies and have had success with transplanting them a few weeks after the flowers are gone.
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Mark, I'm glad you mentioned the iris and daylilies as I hadn't addressed them. I was thinking of just the bulbs. My bad!

Mark is correct, daylilies can be transplanted early in the spring, but after bloom in late summer is best. Iris are best transplanted and divided in late summer. Here's some handy sites.

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iris bulbs

I read the website about dividing Iris's but it doesn't say when it's a good time to do it? I'm in zone 6 in Boston and ours are in bloom now. The tulips/daffodils have been gone for sev wks and I may attempt moving my tulips as the bushes have crowded them now.
My mother has some beautiful Iris but they're >10yrs old and I'd hate to be the one who ruins her garden!!!
Also, last year- it was early Fall when I put a BUNCH of store bought bulbs in the ground the squirrels ate them ALL. Is there any way to protect bulbs in the ground? I probably didn't plant deeply enough- but they're still tenacious!
?chickenwire on top? or some scent they don't like but won't hurt the plant? Like moth balls or something?
I'm also trying to find out if there's any such thing as a perennial Morning Glory vine?

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