Why won't my Rhododendron Bloom?


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Why won't my Rhododendron Bloom?

Hello All,

I have a mature Rhododendron that has been in my yard since i bought my house in 2004. I have never seen this tree bloom. Any tips on what i can do? i have tried putting coffe grinds under the tree and even tried some holly tone, but still nothing.

Any tips would be appreciated!

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It may not be getting enough sun or nutrition.

Here's how to prune, which is best done within two weeks after flowering. Otherwise you will be pruning off next years flowers.

Once you do get flowers, pinch off the spent blooms.

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Rhododendron need at least 8 hours of sun a day. The hillside behind my mountain cabin is blanketed with rhododendron as an understory plant. Several years ago, I began to wonder why they never bloomed. Maybe I missed the blooms because I don't get there too often. I arrived when I saw other rhododendron in bloom but not mine. That's when I got out the gardening books.

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