Northwood Maple tree


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Northwood Maple tree

What is a Northwood Maple tree?
I bought a Northwood Maple tree since it looked to be about what I wanted. The tag says 40-50ft with colored fall follage. Then I thought: I don't want one that produces seeds. I can't find any mention of a Northwood Maple on the internet. Anyone heard of this type?

Also, concerning ornamental pear trees. One nursery's tag said 40ft, another mailorder firm says 20ft. Which is correct?SteveS
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I think your tree is Acer rubrum 'Northwood'. It a variety of red maple, hence the Acer rubrum. Careful where you place it as it will develop surface roots over time and lift sidewalks and driveways. Tree roots will grow beyone the mature canopy.

If you want a maple that won't produce alot of sprouts from seeds, try a paperbark maple - Acer griseum. They do produce seeds but they rarely sprout as most are sterile. You can do a google with the term:
sterile maple
They're smaller too.

Without knowing the full name of the pear, I can't say what the size would be. Many growers and nurseries give the mature size at 10 years growth which isn't totally accurate, so if they have the same name, go with the larger one. If it's a bradford pear return it and get a better tree. Bradford pears have weak limb structure and have become a pest in many areas.


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