round up on tomato plants


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round up on tomato plants

A mislabled spray bottle resulting in my spraying our tomatos w/ roundup. The palnts are surely dying. My question: Is it safe to eat the fruit from a roundup treated plant?
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Roundup is a systemic herbicide. It travels throughout all parts of the plant.
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A review of the literature of studies of glyphosate and its product Roundup shows that there is little concern for toxicity in humans. Knowing that, I would discard a few cents worth of tomatoes rather than learn anything I did not want to know.
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Arrow Insecticides

I am pretty much of a wimp when it comes to chemicals. I found a great site that had home-made non toxic sprays that I want to share with you. I just planted today, so I haven't tried any!

Here is the site! Good luck!

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